Taketomijima Island, Okinawa

Yaeyama Islands boast of one of the best coral reefs in Japan. The seven islands are full of charm that makes you feel Okinawa’s richness on your skin. Among them, at Taketomijima Island, you can feel a slow time away from reality. Taketomijima Island is famous not only in the sea but also as an island keeping the ancient traditions. Once you step in, you should be able to meet the scenery and excitement that you have never encountered before.


In Kondoi beach, white sand, blue sea and cloud cover shine intensely. This is also the beach representative of Yaeyama, and because it is shallow so you can swim with peace of mind with children. This is also a great diving spot with Japan’s largest coral reefs, and it is also the sea where divers worldwide adore.


“Nagomi no Tou” is a sightseeing spot that can overlook the settlements of Taketomijima Island, and there is also a place where tourists visiting the island surely stop by. In Taketomijima Island, which strictly keeps the tradition, there are strict regulations on the height of the building, and only the school is allowed to have two stories. Nagomi no Tou” is the only high place on the island. All other buildings are one story. Perhaps that old-fashioned atmosphere is loved by tourists as well.
Note : Because of aging it is forbidden to enter “Nagomi no Tou” from 2016.


When traveling Taketomijima Island where the Okinawa style strongly remains also in Yaeyama Islands, a buffalo cars are the most impressive. As a buffalo car driver, so-called “Ojii” speaks about the history and plants of the island, and the journey around listening to his playing Sanshin (Okinawan traditional three-stringed instrument) is exactly what you can taste experienced only here.


The concept of resort hotel “Hoshinoya Taketomijima” is “to stay like living.” It is a finest resort that lives with general colony. “Hoshinoya Taketomijima” is a resort that made use of strict island rules very well without breaking the taste of Taketomijima which keeps tradition and history.



Name:Taketomijima Island
Address:Taketomi Yaeyamagun Taketomicho, Okinawa 907-1101 Japan
Access:It takes 10 minutes from the “Terminal for Remote Islands” of Ishigaki Island by ship.
Tel:(+81) 980-82-5445 (Taketomi-cho Tourism Association)
Official site:http://www.painusima.com/taketomijima

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