Tamagawa Josui Water Supply, Tokyo

As the population of Edo increased during the Edo era and the wells and streams alone could not cover drinking water, the Edo shogunate planned to draw water from the Tama River to Edo. It was said that two brothers of Shoemon Tamagawa, Seiemon Tamagawa completed in 1653, and since then it came to be called Tamagawa Josui Water Supply.
In 1999, the downstream area from Miyamoto Bridge was designated as the historical environmental conservation area of ​​Tokyo Metropolis. Also, in 2003 the area downstream of the intake weir has been designated as a national historic site.


Tap water runs 43 km from Hamura in the Tamagawa river, which is the intake weir, to Yotsuyaokido. It is said that it was struggling to drain water well because of the small difference between the points and the gradual gradient.
Currently, it is approximately 24 km from Sengenbashi Bridge in Suginami Ward to Heiwabashi Bridge in Fussa City which is opened as Tamagawa Josui Greenway. However, you can also explore further upstream, seeking the surface of the former water supply.


It is about 6 km around the Koganei bridge, which is known as the cherry blossom view along the greenway. It is a famous place of the cherry tree from the Edo period which 2,000 cherry trees were planted by the Edo Shogunate and drawn also on Hiroshige Utagawa’s picture. In 1924, it got the nation’s scenic designation as a precious gathering place of mountain cherry trees.


In order to draw water in a waterway, Tamagawa-jousui installed Nagewatashi-zeki in the point of the curve, and used the stream which flows into the side. Tamagawa Josui Water Supply was opened in 1654, but the structure to pass Nagewatashi-zeki and capture water is still unchanged.


The stream which flows out of intake weir continues to near Fujimigaoka Station near the Inokashira Park. From here on, the walking path that follows the Tamagawa Josui Water Supply is the wonderful walking path with the shade of a tree and the sound of water as it is the walking path of minus ions. Tamagawa Josui Water Supply has a height difference of only 100 meters to the downstream. Because this water is flowing using this slight difference in elevation, the water current is very gentle everywhere.



Name:Tamagawa Josui Water Supply
Address:Kugayama 1-33 Suginami-ku, Tokyo 168-0082 Japan
Access:Keio Inogashira-sen Line “Fujimigaoka-eki Station” (10 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 3-5320-6388 (Bureau of Waterworks Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
Official site:https://www.waterworks.metro.tokyo.jp/

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