Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Yuki no Otani (The Giant Snow Walls), Toyama

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Along the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route, the height of the snowy wall of “Yuki no Otani” will be not less than 10 meters in the place with most snow coverage in the middle of May. In the car which passes through that place is full of surprise and a cheer. If you arrived at Murodo, a field of view will open at a stretch, and the wall of the snow which passed will teach a natural size. From the middle of April to the end of June, I can walk the dynamic snowy corridor as “Yuki no Otani Walk”.


“Tateyama Ropeway” is 1,710 meters in total length and 500 meters of the depth, and it is linking Mt. Daikanbo to Kurobe flat in seven minutes. You can look at the Kurobe lake or the Tateyama mountain range dynamically, and is right “a moving observatory.” This ropeway is famous also as the longest “One Span Ropeway” in Japan.


Murododaira is the center of the Alpine route located in the altitude of 2,450 meters, and is a base of sightseeing. The grand mountains of the altitudes of over 3,000 meters including famous Mt. Tsurugi and Tateyama three mountains are before your eyes. You can see “the lake Mikuriga-ike” which is the deepest lake in high mountain and volcanic activity of “Jigokudani” (Hell Valley) in the Nihon Alps. You can feel spectacular of the great nature.


The “Kurobe Dam” completed through much difficulty in 1963 is 186 meters in height, 492 meters in length, the Japan’s biggest arch-type dam.
Sightseeing water-drainage of Kurobe Dam which blows off more than 10 tons/s of water is dynamic. The view from the new prospects open space completed in 2003 is recommended.


The area around here is the world’s leading heavy snowfall area, and the height of the snowy wall can also be 20 meters for a year with much snowfall. It is the overwhelming spectacular equivalent to a 10-story building.
You can walk there during 10:00 to 15:00 at the middle of April to the late in June.



Name:Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Yuki no Otani (The Giant Snow Walls)
Address:Ashikuraji Murodo Nakaniikawagun Tateyamamachi, Toyama 930-1406 Japan
Access:Toyama Chihou Railway “Tateyama-eki Station” (7 minutes by cable car, then 50 minutes by bus)
Tel:(+81)76-444-3200 (Toyama Tourism Association)
Official site:http://foreign.info-toyama.com/en/

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