Tenjin Matsuri Festival

Tenjin Festival is counted in one of the Japan’s three biggest festivals along with the Gion Festival of Kyoto, and the Kanda Festival of Tokyo. It has continued for more than 1000 years, the origin of this festival dates back to the year 951.
Under the influence of the political change of an end of Edo Period, the World War of 2 times, etc., the festival itself sometimes became a stop and reduction plentifully. Many difficulties were overcome, it was loved by many people, and 1000 years or more of history has been followed.


Tenjin Festival is a festival of the maximum scale in Japan, and about 1,300,000 people visit every year. In order to celebrate going out of one-time “God Tenjin” for the evening of Tenjin Festival Honmiya (main festival) on July 25 every year, 4000 or more dedication fireworks are launched along the Okawa river where Funatogyo (ritual to place divine spirits on the boat to cross the river) is performed.


Moreover, the “Gyaru Mikoshi” (Mikoshi carried by women), which has been performed since 1981 aiming at promotion of the area, the upsurge of the Osaka culture, and bright pleasant town planning, is one of the highlight of the Tenjin Festival.


Tenjin Festival of Osaka is held for two days of July 24 and 25th every year, and 24th calls Yoimiya, 25th calls Honmiya, and the event is performed by each.


Although the crowds of Tenjin Festival is 1,300,000 people every year, but the most of those visit Honmiya of 25th. Tenjin Festival dedication fireworks started at 19:00 in particular become the peak.



Name:Tenjin Matsuri Festival
Address:Tenjinbashi 2-1-1 Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0041 Japan
Access:JR Tozai-sen Line “Osaka Tenmangu-eki”
Official site:http://www.tenjinsan.com/tjm.html

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