The Church of the Light, Osaka

The Optical slits are vertically and horizontally arranged in the hall of fair-face concrete. The light comming through the slit is shining in all its splendid beauty when you enter the church, and beautiful cross appears in “The Church of the Light”.


It is a building designed by world-famous Tadao Ando. If you are a fan of the Ando’s architecture, it is the place that you want to visit once.


The official name of “The Church of the Light” is Kasugaoka Church. In a quiet residential area of Osaka, It exist as a church of the towns. Because it is not at all a building for the sightseeing, and is really used as a place for prayer, so you should be careful if you visit here.


The church accept tour of a facility, but a reservation from formal HP is required. Because procedures are different by the number of people to come, and the date and time when you can observe it are limited, so please confirm HP by all means. It is a slightly complexed procedure, but it is the worth doing it.



Name:The Church of the Light (Kasugaoka Church)
Adresse:Kitakasugaoka 4-3-50 Ibaraki-city, Osaka 567-0048 Japan
Access:Osaka Monorail line "Handai Byoin Mae-eki Station” (12 minutes walk)
Official site:

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