The Nakamachi Street, Nagano

Matsumoto-shi, Nagano is a castle town which continues for 400 years.
The Nakamachi Street is in along the Hokkoku-kaido road which leads from the west to the east. The wholesale dealers mainly such as brewing industry or business of fabrics for kimono gathered and prospered here. However, the whole circumference was hit by the conflagration and many main institutions and town houses were lost by the Edo last stage and Meiji.

In order to protect from the fire covering again and again, “Namakokabe no Dozo” (covered with square tiles jointed with raised plaster) was built with merchants’ wisdom. Many houses of “Dozo-zukuri” of the brief design of the white and black still remain near the Nakamachi Street. They have an atmosphere of old Matsumoto. Shops such as a folk handicraft and the industrial arts gather, current Nakamachi town makes unique cityscape in Matsumoto.

“Dozo” is one of the Japanese traditional architecture, and an outer wall is finished with the plaster as an earth wall. It is only called “Kura” in many cases, and the building made from this style is called “Dozo-zukuri” or “Kura-zukuri” etc. Other than a building as a warehouse and a storagehouse, there are some which are built to serve both as a storage warehouse and a store.

The building where there is nostalgic taste is open each as the individual shops as handling a cafe, a restaurant, folk crafts and the industrial art object using the storehouse.

Many individual stores stand in a row, and it is street leisurely apt for a walk. The morning fair is also held by “Kura Sic Hall” on a holiday morning.


Name:The Nakamachi Street
Address:Chuo 3 Matsumoto, Nagano 390-0811 Japan
Access:JR Shinonoi-sen Line “Matsumoto-eki Station” (10 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)263-36-1421 (Nakamachi Shopping District Promotion Association)
Official site:

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