The Torokko Train of Kurobe Gorge, Toyama

Kurobe-kyokoku, located in the north part of Toyama prefecture, is a deep V-shaped gorge. There are the breathtaking cliffs and the astonishing natural beauties in there.
In the Kurobe gorge, visitors can enjoy 360-degree panoramic views, the trees of mountains changing color in every season, and the Kurobe River shining with emerald green which is the best clear stream in Japan.

The torokko train which runs deep into Kurobe gorge has the roof, but not the window, so you can heartily enjoy nature of the Kurobe gorge.

It is full of the seasonal highlight like spring trees verdant with young leaves, summer clear stream, autumn colored leaves. It runs through actual nature while passing through the many bridges and tunnels.


There are a lot of superb views such as Atobiki-bashi bridge of 60m in height to appear in the Kuronagi-gawa river, Unexplored open-air bath of the Kanetsuri hot spring, and Kinshukan known as a famous spot of colored leaves on the way.


There are a restaurant and a souvenir shop in Kanetsuri-eki station and Keyakidaira-eki station on the way, you can have a break and a meal. Let’s thoroughly enjoy the Nature of the Kurobe gorge all the day!



Name:The Torokko Train of Kurobe Gorge
Adresse:Kurobekyokokuguchi Kurobe, Toyama 938-0283 Japan
Access:Toyama-chihou-honsen Line “Unazuki-Onsen-eki Station” (3 minutes walk)
Price:Tickets and Reservations
Official site:

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