Toba no Himatsuri (Fire Festival), Aichi

The Japan’s most dangerous fire Festival, “Toba no Himatsuri” (The Fire Festival of Toba).
Toba Shinmei Sha (Toba Shinmei Shrine) is the old shrine that has been founded in 806 to 809, and “Toba no Himatsuri” known as a strange festival of the country designated as the important intangible cultural property.


On second Sunday of every year February, the fire festival that a pillar of fire shot up is held on a cold, frosty winter’s night sky in Shinmei Toba Shrine of Nishio-city.


The “Kamio” enter cold winter sea to fast and to wash one’s body to purify oneself.


The two huge torches called “Suzumi” that is 5 meters in height, 2 tons in weight are installed, and fire up it at the precincts, the “Kamio” divided into two sets of east and west jump in flame, and compete to take “Shinboku” (a sacred tree) and “Juni-Nawa” (12 ropes) out from the fire, and offer it before Shinto God. How rich or how poor the harvest of the coming year is forecasted by victory or defeat of it.


It is said that if you use chopsticks made of the half-burned bamboo stick, you do not suffer from the disease of the tooth, so there are some visitors taking it home.

Come to the “Toba no Himatsuri” to burn a winter night sky by all means!



Name:Toba no Himatsuri (Fire Festival)
Adresse:Nisisako 89 Tobacho Nishio-city, Aichi 444-0704 Japan
Access:Meitetsu Gamagori-sen line "Mikawa-Toba-eki Station” (10 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)563-62-2852 (Toba Shinmei Shrine)
Official site:

日本, 〒444-0704 愛知県西尾市鳥羽町西迫89

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