Togakushi Jinja Shrine

Togakushi Jinja Shrine is in the northwestern part of Nagano-shi, Nagano, and it is consisting of five shinto shrines around Mount Togakushi. The beginning of it dates back until the time of the Japanese mythology. It is said that Mount Togakushi made by “Ama no Iwato” which has been blown away, and it is “Togakushi Jinja Shrine” that is in Mount Togakushi.

In Mount Togakushi about 1,200m above sea level, the accommodations such as an inn and a pension, a mountain hut, the guest house are substantial, too. A lot of tourists visit here, and tour the five shrines is particularly popular. If you visit all of them, luck has turned in your favor in a well-balanced state.

When you pass through the Zuishin-mon gate of the Okusha shrine approach to a shrine, the huge avenue of cryptomerias more than 300 years old appears in front. The big cedar tree of around 30m in height is the best part. It is a mysterious place where you can feel that your body recovers when you walk.

Hokosha shrine with the long stairs of 274 steps. Because it is mossed and its angle is rapid, so you need to go up with a tight gut.

Togakushi that is buried among snow when it is winter. The Okusha shrine is shut every year in the season when snow is deep. You cannot enter there during the closed period.


Name:Togakushi Jinja Shrine
Adresse:Togakushi 3506 Nagano, Nagano 381-4101 Japan
Access:JR Hokuriku Shinkansen Line “Nagano-eki Station” (45 minutes by car)
Official site:

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