Tokamachi Snow Festival, Niigata

In every year around the end of February, the “Tokamachi Yuki Matsuri” (snow festival) is held in Tokamachi-shi, Niigata.
In this festival, many event like “The snowy work of art” by local inhabitants, “The festival open space” which is popular as its warm hospitality, and “The snow carnival” with spectacle of the sound and the light, are performed.


Speaking of snow festival, it might remind you “The Sapporo Snow Festival” or “The Otaru Snow Light Path”.
But actually, the birthplace of modern snow festival is not Hokkaido which held Sapporo and Otaru, it is said that Tokamachi, Niigata is the cradle.


On February 4 1950, it is considered that local residents led the way of the beginning as a ski relay race, a snow statue exhibition and a snow carnival.


They consider the heavy snowfall, which is always around 3 meters deep there, is advantages, and in three days, three-hundred thousand people come to visit this snow festival which was born from the thought of local residents “to assume snow a friend, and to enjoy snow”.


Above all, the main event to be said “the snow carnival” is performed on a big huge snow stage, that was certified by Guinness World Records for a time, and overwhelms visitors.



Name:Tokamachi Snow Festival
Adresse:Special Site
Gakkocho 1-760 Tokamachi, Niigata 948-0022 Japan
Access:JR Iiyama-sen Line “Tokamachi-eki Station”
Tel:(+81)25-757-3100 (Tokamachi Snow Festival Executive Committee Staff Office)
Price:3,000 yen (Pass for Snow Carnival and City Circuit Bus)
Official site:

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