Tokyo Bay Cruise Vinght Et Un, Tokyo

At “Tokyo Bay Cruise Vinght Et Un” in which the ship has appeared from Tokyo Shinagawa, the Tokyo Bay cruise can be enjoyed in three time zones, lunchtime, twilight and dinner time. It is very pleasant to spend leisurely with an open deck full of openness. On the private deck of the observation room “Aquamarine”, you can enjoy a luxurious view across the window which spreads to 180 degrees. It is the best cruising when you want to spend a special day with family and friends.

A plan that enjoys a full-course meal while cruising in Tokyo Bay is ideal for dating. The dishes cooked onboard are bright, tasteful first-rate. Also, the view of Tokyo Bay from the window excites the mood. Especially, on the Sunset cruise in the evening and night cruise, a wonderful night view can be seen and it is very romantic.

“I wish the restaurant venue was on the sea.” It is a luxurious large restaurant ship “Vinght Et Un” that will make such a romantic dream come true. You can enjoy delicious cuisine made by the chef while watching the large panorama of Tokyo Bay on board.

The stage of the voyage is the must-see spot of Tokyo Bay such as Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba, Oi’s Pier and Haneda Airport. It will take about two hours to relax and unwind elegantly. Because it hardly receives the influence of the wave, stability and ride comfort is outstanding.

It is a good idea to give a cruising that is different from usual, such as dates to be enthusiastic and anniversaries. Why do not you go on a trip to Tokyo Bay cruise with the important person during the season when you feel a pleasant sea breeze.


Name:Tokyo Bay Cruise Vinght Et Un
Address:Kaigan 1-12-2 Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022 Japan
Access:1 minutes walk from Takeshiba Station, Shin-Kotsu Yurikamome Line
Tel:(+81) 3-3436-2121
Price:Please refer to the official site in regards to “CRUISE WITH FOOD”.
Official site:

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