Tsukuba Space Center (JAXA), Ibaraki

The central facilities of JAXA (The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) taking space development of Japan are “Tsukuba space centers”. It is the place where advanced space technology of Japan was accumulated. An astronaut’s training, development and operation of an artificial satellite are performed. Here is also the control room of “Kibo” (The Hope) called greatest experiment laboratory in the International Space Station.


For the purpose of letting you understand activity by JAXA, the exhibition and the inspection tour which can study the actual contents of activity are carried out. At pavilion, the examination model of an artificial satellite, the powerful actual size model of an experiment laboratory “Kibo”, and all the past rockets of 1/20 scale model can be seen from a short distance. Moreover, there is also a course which can patrol with a guide a part of space development institution which serves as the maximum scale in Japan (prior reservation system). Since pavilion inspection and institution inspection tour participation are no charge (part charge), let’s enter willingly.


It is a huge “H-II rocket”, when you enter the Tsukuba space center, and to meet immediately. This H-II rocket in a open space will be the genuine rocket which can actually take off in the universe, if it launches with fuel and facilities.


The “space dome” renewed in 2015. This is unmissable facility for space fan that the processes and activities of JAXA which has continued leading space development of Japan, and about the space development which the present JAXA is performing, are exhibited intelligibly.


The space Dome, where the beautiful earth of a one-1,000,000th scale, prototype of data broadcast technology satellite “Kodama”, the artificial satellite which Japan developed in the past, etc. are displayed, is sure that both a child and adult are excited very much.



Name:Tsukuba Space Center (JAXA)
Address:Sengen 2-1-1 Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0047 Japan
Access:Tsukuba Express Line “Tsukuba-eki” station (10 minutes by car)
Price:500 yen (Adult)
Free (Under 18 years old)
Official site:http://fanfun.jaxa.jp/

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