Tsurunoyu Onsen (Hot Spring)

There is a mountain called “Nyuto-san” (Mt. Nyuto), because form is similar to the breast of the woman from a distance, around Lake Towada of Akita.
The hot-spring village consisting of eight hot-spring hotels, which is dotted in the foot of Mt. Nyuto, is “Nyuto Onsenkyo” (hot-spring area). It is the unexplored hot spring that overflowed in gifts of the earth, you can soak in the hot spring which just sprang out, while being surrounded by the primeval forests of the beech.



Above all, it is “Tsurunoyu Onsen” (hot water of the crane) that is in the place especially deep in the mountain.
In the old days, a hunter of Akita found the figure that a damaged crane heals a wound with hot water of the hot spring, so it is said that it just remained in the name of “hot water of the crane”.



Senboku-shi, Akita where there is Nyuto Onsenkyo, is counted as the special snowy area in a heavy snowfall area.
Among them, Tsurunoyu Onsen is conducted during the winter season to overcome many barriers like removing snow for securing of road, the maintenance of the infrastructure.



The Tsurunoyu Onsen is “a hot-spring sanatorium” since the Edo period.
There is the history and culture as a place to heal the farmer growing fatigue, sometimes people with an intractable disease from the distant place.



Among eight hot-spring hotels of Nyuto Onsenkyo, seven hotels are open now in the winter season, it becomes the big tourist attraction as the tourist of approximately 130,000 visit the village annually.



Name:Tsurunoyu Onsen (Hot Spring)
Adresse:Tazawakotazawa Senboku, Akita 014-1204 Japan
Access:JR Akita Shinkansen Line “Tazawako-eki Station” (30 minutes by car)
Price:Room fees 13,800 yen ~ 15,900 yen Tax included
During the winter time, heating fees of 1,050 yen per room are charged.
Official site:http://www.tsurunoyu.com/

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