Tsuwano Tonomachi Street, Shimane

Tsuwano is also called the small Kyoto of Sanin Region from its historic landscape. Among them, Tonomachi Street where white walls line up still has a remarkable aspect of the castle town. Colored carpes flock to the clearance of the side gutters, and about 3,000 Japanese irises add color to the cityscape beside the ditch. Such Tsuwano-cho Tsuwano district is one of the leading tourist destinations in Shimane Prefecture where 1 million tourists visit each year.


Among Tsuwano’s towns, the area around Tonomachi is the place that leaves the oldest behind. Many historical sites such as Catholic Church, Hanko Yoro College (domain school) ruins, District office building ruins, Tsuwano Domain front gate are gathered. It also leads to the approach of Yasaka Jinja Shrine, Taikodani Inari-jinja Shrine, and the local hall is also near. Also, on this street there are local cuisine shops, coffee shops, souvenir shops and so on, this is the main street in Tsuwano town.


Innumerable carpes swim in the street canal facing the soil wall, white or purple flowers of irises are blooming against the background the white wall under Musha-Mado (a lattice window in a samurai house). And the carp which crowds together in the shade of the flower looks like a graceful picture scroll. The canal is said to have been dug out as an irrigation canal when this castle town was built. More than 20,000 carps are released in the vicinity of this area, and they are assimilating into the lives of people.


When entering a small street on both sides of Tonomachi Street, there are merchant houses of the old white wall with old white walls, and they are possible to touch the calm life of the old castle town.


In addition, steam locomotive which disappeared at one time revived to Yamaguchi line passing here Tsuwano in 1979. Currently, C571 familiarly nicknamed “Kifujin” (Grande Dame) leaves Shin Yamaguchi station and runs 62.9 km to Tsuwano station for about 2 hours.



Name:Tsuwano Tonomachi Street
Address:Ushiroda Kanoashigun Tsuwanocho, Shimane 699-5605 Japan
Access:JR Yamaguchi-sen Line “Tsuwano-eki Station” (10 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 856-72-1771 (Tsuwano-cho Tourist Association)
Official site:http://tsuwano-kanko.net/

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