Ueno Onshi Park, Tokyo

Ueno Park which is the sightseeing spot representing Ueno, and its formal name is Ueno Onshi Park. There was the big temple called “Kanei-ji Temple” at this site in the Edo Period and it was also the place which the old government troops shut themselves up and fought at the end of Edo Period. The vicinity whole has been a burned field after intense battle. At the beginning, the Meiji government was planning building a hospital here. But by the proposal of the Dutch doctor Bauduin who had come for the inspection, then It was redeveloped as the first park in Japan.


In Ueno Park, many cultural facilities, and school facilities and historical landmarks exist. There are the zoo, the National Museums and the National Museum of Western Arts, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, the Kanei-ji Temple, the Tokugawa mausoleum, etc., so in order to go sightseeing them, it is insufficient in one day.


Ueno Park is also the great green space in the Metropolitan area, and can enjoy beautiful scenery to all seasons. Especially, it is famous as a scenic spot of the cherry trees both at home and abroad. Now, a lot of foreign tourists will visit in the season of a cherry tree.


The mountain in Ueno was known as a famous place of a cherry tree from the Edo period. Now, it is crowded with about 2 million people in a cherry-blossom-viewing season. Many kinds of about 1200 cherry trees are planted inside the garden.
It begins to bloom from the beginning of February by the kind, and it can be even enjoyed for a long period of time at the end of April.


When a cherry tree blooms, the lighting ceremony of a paper-covered lamp is performed. There is tasteful for the “cherry blossoms at night” which float on the light.
Party with picnic sheet, boat play of Shinobazuno-ike pond surrounded by the cherry tree, various methods of pleasure can be done.



Name:Ueno Onshi Park
Address:Uenokoen 5-20 Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0007 Japan
Access:JR Yamanote-sen Line “Ueno-eki Station” (2 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 3-3828-5644 (Ueno Park Management Office)
Official site:https://www.tokyo-park.or.jp/

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