Ueno Sky Bridge, Gunma

SkyBridge in Ueno-mura, Gumma prefecture is the huge suspension bridge of 225 m in full length, and 90 m of the maximum ground quantities completed in April, 1998. The tourist attractions are enriched around sky bridge like “the Kawawa nature parks” with the long slide and campground, “Forest of Mahoba” where the accommodations including the cottage, “the Fujido cave” etc. which is the limestone caves which are proud of the largest scale in Kanto area.


It is one of the greatest suspension bridge of 225 meters length only for a pedestrian. Beautiful woods and ravine spread under your view, and feeling which is taking a walk in the air can be experienced, enjoying the grand Nature of Ueno-mura fully.


100 yen is to be contributed as a toll of 1 round trip. But only by there being a box into which money is put, it is not necessarily forcing paying. However, it is cheap if you think that it is for environmental maintenance. The small paper which can push a commemorative stamp is also prepared for the box.


There is a little mechanism in this suspension bridge. When it is the appointed hour, soap bubbles come to fly from the installed soap bubbles machine. A bubble time is 15 minutes. The period in April – November is three times, 11:00, 13:00, and 15:00. It is performed every day in August, but in another month, it is performed only on Saturday, Sunday and holiday, and is cancelled on a day of the weather being bad.


According to the Ueno promotion public corporation which manages this bridge, the tourists who visit the bridge are about 40,000 people per year. The non-ordinary scenery of this whole place being connected with the bridge can be enjoyed as a “sky corridor”, and it is a sightseeing spot at which families can stay.



Name:Ueno Sky Bridge
Address:Kawawa 665 Tanogun Uenomura, Gunma 370-1614 Japan
Access:JR Takasaki-sen Line “Shinmachi-eki” Station (110 minutes by bus)
Price:100 yen
Official site:http://user.uenomura.ne.jp/

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