Umi No Bon Festival, Miyagi

The new summer festival which the young volunteers of Matsushima-cho, Miyagi made up is “Matsushima Ryutoe Umi no Bon Festival.”
“Umi No Bon Festival” started in 2011 when the Great East Japan Earthquake happened.
In Matsushima where the earthquake disaster was damaged, the sightseeing events which carried out till then were canceled. So, local people gathered, everybody’s power was united and the festival of this area was revived for the first time in 30 years.

“Umi No Bon Festival” is performed in the whole area around the national treasure Zuigan-ji which Matsushima is proud of.
It is also the feature of this festival that the event performed newly harmonizes with the event from handed-down convention.
The large Bon festival is held on August 15, and “Osekigae” which is a traditional event to have the history with more than of 700 years is performed on 16th.
The event “Osekigae” in which 50 priests of Zuigan-ji burn sotoba (pagoda), and chant the sutras in the open space where the tower was constructed.

In addition, various events are carried out like floating of lanterns and “the light way of all”, which the children of Matsushima made, and “toy fireworks open spaces”.

Moreover, not only a festival but the workshop “the making of a spirit-of-a-departed-person horse” which a local old person teaches to children is held.
At the time of the ancestor to meet, since he would like to meet them early, it is a cucumber horse of a swift-running.
At the time of a send-off, since separation with the ancestor is memorable, it is a eggplant cow of a slow-moving.
Children learn the meaning of the Bon Festival while hearing such an old manners and customs.

These actions were evaluated, and “Umi No Bon Festival” won the good design prize in 2012.


Name:Umi No Bon Festival
Address:Miyagigun Matsushimamachi, Miyagi 981-0215 Japan
Access:JR Senseki-sen Line “Matsushima-Kaigan-eki Station” (7 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 22−354−2618 (Matsushima Tourism Association)
Official site:

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