Villa Santorini, Kochi

Kochi Prefecture where there are many places full of nature such as the Shimanto River and the Niyodogawa River, and other historical spots such as Katsurahama Beach where is related to Ryoma Sakamoto who was active in the Meiji Restoration. Such Tosa City in Kochi Prefecture has a resort hotel “Villa Santorini” where you can taste the feeling of traveling to Santorini, Greece.

Both Santorini islands in Greece and Tosa City in Kochi Prefecture, when viewed from the sky, the coastline draws an arc and has a shape like a crescent moon. The view from Villa Santorini towards Muroto is similar to the view from the center of Santorini in Greece to the northwest. Because not only the building but also the topography resembles, you feel like you are in Greece while staying in Japan.

It takes about an hour by car from the city center of Kochi. Therefore, many people visit this hotel itself for the purpose of traveling. If you are going to see a superb view, it is safe to avoid the typhoon season or the rainy season. It is good that the rainfall is the lowest between December and January, but in consideration of the temperature, spring is the best season.

From the poolside on the first floor you can see the deep blue Pacific Ocean and the spacious sky. The wall of the building is white, and the grid of the window is refreshing blue. The contrast between blue and white is the theme color of Santorini. Both buildings and landscapes taste as if they are looking at the Aegean Sea in Greek Santorini.

In the daytime, the mind clears up the scenery that can be seen anywhere, but it also shows a different expression at dusk. On Santorini Island there are many hotels on the cliffs, and there are rooms in the cave. The room of Villa Santorini faithfully reproduces it, the ceiling draws an arc, the number of windows is minimized.

One of the must-see points is the buildings and rooms that are built faithfully and the beautiful twilight combination. You can enjoy the unique way of enjoying the architectural style of the Villa Santorini.


Name:Villa Santorini
Address:Usachoryu 599-6 Tosa, Kochi 781-1165 Japan
Access:JR Dosan-sen Line “Kochi-eki Station” (60 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 88-856-0007
Price/Charge:Various plans are prepared.
Please refer the official web page.
Official site:

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