Wind Cave & Ice Cave, Yamanashi

Aokigahara Jukai (the ocean of trees) which opens northwest of Mount Fuji. There is the walk course that even a beginner can walk in peace in a national park maintained properly. There are “Fugaku Fuketsu” (Wind Cave) and “Narusawa Hyoketsu” (Ice Cave) which are lava caves in the east and west of an ocean of trees.

To the entrance of “Wind Cave”, you go down the stairs. It will be wrapped in the air which felt cool suddenly, when it gets down from stairs as a half. The chill in the cave flows. Temperature of the caves is 0 degrees to 3 degrees throughout the year. Since the temperature in a cave is also low even in midsummer, so you should bring a coat and dresse near an entrance.

“Wind Cave” and “Ice Cave” are the caves made by lava. About 1200 years ago, the lava which flowed in by the eruption of the mountain called “Nagao yama” which is flank volcano of Mt. Fuji became hard, and was formed.
Since it is made of not a rock but lava, it has a black color. “Wind Cave” is the tunnel cave of 201 meters in total extensions, and a maximum of 8.7 meters of height. The round-trip time required about 15 minutes.

“Ice Cave” is pit annularity, and the total extension is 153 meters. There is the narrow passage in some places so as to be barely enough to go through the one. Temperature of the “Ice Cave” is also 0 degrees to 3 degrees throughout the year. It is a feeling entering in the refrigerator. Unlike “Wind Cave” which is long to a transverse direction, it goes down the stairs. If you get down, you will arrive to the deepest place in the “Ice Cave.”
There are many lump of ice there. It is said that natural ice was cut down in the cave and stored in this way a long time ago.

If you follow a passage toward an exit, the icicle which is the highlight of “Ice Cave” will appear.
The icicle lighted up shines shiningly and is mysterious. More than 3000 tourists seem to come per day to see this icicle when highest.


Name:Wind Cave & Ice Cave
Address:Wind Cave
Saikonishi Aokigahara 2068-1 Minamitsurugun Fujikawaguchikomachi, Yamanashi 401-0332 Japan

Ice Cave
Narusawamura 8533 Minamitsurugun Narusawamura, Yamanashi 401-0320 Japan
Access:Fujikyuko Kawaguchiko-sen Line “Kawaguchi-ko-eki” station (30 minutes by bus)
Tel:Wind Cave
Ice Cave
Price:Wind Cave
350 yen (Adult)
200 yen (Under 12 years old)

Ice Cave
350 yen (Adult)
200 yen (Under 12 years old)
Official site:

Wind Cave

Ice Cave

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