Yakushiji Temple, Nara

Yakushiji Temple was built in Fujiwara-kyo in 680, hoping for the recovery of the disease of Empress Jito by Emperor Tenmu. Then after the death of Emperor Tenmu, Empress Jito took over his will and completed it in 697. And, in accordance with Heijokyo-sento (Transferring of the National Capital to Heijo), it was transferred to the present place in 718.


At that time, entering Nandai-mon gate (the South Gate), the east tower and the west tower soared to the left and right, right in front of Kondo (Main Hall), the auditorium behind it, and it was big temple as “the Yakushi-ji Temple style arrangement of temple buildings” surrounded by a corridor. After that, most of the pagoda was destroyed by war of fire, etc. The building currently existing since the Nara era is only the East Tower.


However, the Garan(Temple buildings) rebuilding had progressed, and it was rebuilt one after another such as Kondo (Main Hall) in 1976, West Tower in 1981, and it is returning to the former days in the Nara period. Since there are no high buildings around, so the two old and new towers and Kondo soar high in the sky of Nishinokyo, a glimpse of the figure at that time.


At a glance, the east tower appears to be a six-story pagoda having the six roofs, but in reality it is a triple tower. Also, the sorin part of about 10 meters, which is the uppermost stick shaped part of the pagoda, is one third the overall height. Twenty-four “Hiten” (people who fly in the sky) are carved by openwork in the suien area ahead.
The west tower was destroyed in 1528 and rebuilt in 1973.


It is said that Imperial Princess Kibi wished the bliss of the dead of Emperor Genmei who was her mother, and built the Toin-do Hall in 721. The current building was rebuilt in 1285. Young and noble, Bronze statue of the standing Kanzeon Bosatsu (National Treasure) is settled the Toin-do Hall.



Name:Yakushiji Temple
Address:Nishinokyocho 457 Nara, Nara 630-8042 Japan
Access:Kintetsu Kashihara-sen Line “Nishinokyo-eki Station” (10 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 742-33-6001
Price:When the Genjo Sanzo-in Temple opens.
1,100 yen (Adult)
700 yen (High School Students or Under)
300 yen (Elementary School Students or Under)

When the Genjo Sanzo-in Temple does not open.
800 yen (Adult)
500 yen (High School Students or Under)
200 yen (Elementary School Students or Under)
Official site:http://www.nara-yakushiji.com/

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