Yasurai Matsuri Festival, Kyoto

“Yasurai Matsuri Festival” is a festival held in Kita Ward, Kyoto City. It is known as the Grand Festival held in “Imamiya-jinja Shrine” in Murasakino in Kita Ward.
“Yasurai Matsuri Festival” is a festival which serves as a forerunner of the spring festival of Kyoto, and is also called “Chinka Matsuri Festival” or “Yasurai” or “Yasuraibana” and is designated as an important intangible folk cultural property of the country.


“Yasurai Matsuri Festival” is known as the odd festival, and together with Kuramadera Temple’s “Kurama no Himatsuri” (Fire Festival of Kurama), Koryuji Temple’s “Uzumasa no Ushimatsuri” (Ox Festival of Uzumasa), it is counted as one of the three most eccentric festivals of Kyoto.
Contents of the festival, mainly around flower umbrellas decorated with cherry blossoms and camellia, while queues including redheads and black hair demons dance to accompany music, walk through the area of ​​Ujiko (Shrine Parishner) and quell the plague.


“Yasurai Matsuri Festival” starts in the latter half of the Heian era, people in Kyo sang and dance to quench the flower’s spirit, and pray for a state of perfect health.
“Yasurai” is said to mean “Flower, rest peacefully.”


“Yasurai Matsuri Festival” is held every second Sunday in April every year. The venue will change as parades walk through the Ujiko area. The parade teams are called “Yasurai” and are divided into two. The team departing from Konenji Temple is called “Kozuke Yasurai” and departing from Kawakami Daijingu Shrine is called “Kawakami Yasurai”.


Two “Yasurai” will dedicate “Yasurai Odori Dance” at Imamiya-jinja Shrine and return to their starting point. They both leave at about 12 o’clock and arrive at Imamiya-jinja Shrine around 15 o’clock.
“Kozuke Yasurai” and “Kawakami Yasurai” circle around the hall, the point which “Yasurai Odori Dance” dancing at the three site in the precincts is not to be missed.



Name:Yasurai Matsuri Festival
Address:Murasakinoimamiyacho 21 Kyoto Kita-ku, Kyoto 603-8243 Japan
Access:Kyoto Municipal Subway Karasuma-sen Line “Kitaooji-eki Station” (25 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 75-491-0082 (Imamiya-jinja Shrine)
Official site:http://www.imamiyajinja.org/

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