Yokohama Minatomirai21, Kanagawa

Port town Yokohama has prospered from the Meiji term as trade with the West, and a town of the merchant who comes from overseas. Moreover, it is also famous for having the largest Chinatown in the Orient.
Many antique building groups rise up around the harbor. When you visit here, contrast of a present-day skyscraper group and the building of the Meiji and Taisho term will be seen with your own eyes. It is a town having two aspects, a calm atmosphere and a future figure.
The Minatomirai21 is the area representing such port town Yokohama.

The Landmark Tower is the symbol of Minatomirai21 and is a complex facility which consists of a hotel, a shopping mall, etc. It was known as No.1 skyscraper of Japan till 2014. Now, it is known as 2nd skyscraper in Japan after business complex “ABENO HARUKAS” of Osaka.
Moreover, it was also held the world record of “the fastest elevator” until it was broken by the “Taipei101” in 2004. It handed over the title of “world fastest”, but is still the fastest elevator in Japan.

The YOKOHAMA COSMOWORLD with the “COSMOCLOCK21”, which is one of the world’s largest Ferris wheels of 480-passenger, is the amusement park. An admission fee is no charge and can enjoy about 30 kinds of charged attractions.

The “Nippon Maru” (sail training ship) which is a symbol of Minatomirai21 along with the Landmark Tower and the Ferris wheel.
Approximately 30 years pass after retiring from active play, but the figure with four masts of the tall ship is still loved beautifully by many people.

If you follow a way like a bridge called the “Kishamichi Promenade” from the place where the “Nippon Maru” is moored, the building of red brick appears. This is the “YOKOHAMA RED BRICK WAREHOUSE”. The No. 1 hall is an event space, and the stores and the restaurants, etc. are located at the No. 2 hall.
Minatomirai21 also has many facilities which can be enjoyed, and a lot of recommended places for a family or a couple. Because you can fully enjoy even a bad day of the weather depending on course settin, please visit here by all means.


Name:Yokohama Minatomirai21
Address:Minatomirai Yokohama Nishi-ku, Kanagawa 220-0012 Japan
Access:Yokohama Kosokutetsudo Minatomirai-sen Line “Minatomirai-eki” station
Official site:

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