Yokohama Sankeien Garden, Kanagawa

The Sankeien Garden is a vast Japanese garden of about 180,000 square meters of plottage which the businessman Sankei Hara, who accomplished goods by silk manufacture and raw silk trade, opened in 1906. 17 historical buildings collected in the vast site from Kyoto, Kamakura, etc. are skillfully arranged to inside a garden of rich nature. Ten buildings, such as Rinshun-kaku, the three-storied pagoda of old Tomyo-ji Temple, etc. which exist inside the garden, are designated as the important cultural property. It is the sightseeing spot which is known as famous places, such as a plum, a cherry tree, an azalea, and autumnal leaves, and many tourist visit this garden where you can experience leading Japanese culture in Yokohama.

There are many historical buildings of the Edo period or the Kamakura period collected from the whole country in Sankeien Garden. Although it is reconstruction, with an image of those days, the historical building can be seen closely. Besides, those buildings are not merely located. It is the arrangement which was considered taking the landscape. It makes those historical buildings much more attractive.

At the best time to see of autumnal leaves from the end of November to the middle of December, maple trees, ginkgo trees, etc. turn red beautifully by every place inside a garden. Above all, around Choshu-kaku and Shunsoro of the inner gardens, around Yokobue-an and Rindo-an of the outer garden are especially brilliant. A tasteful autumnal-leaves scene like an ancient city can be enjoyed in Yokohama.

Anyway, scenery is splendid. The scenery from the place, where a pond in the center in the garden and a far-off three stories tower are seen at the same time, cannot regard that this place is in the city of Yokohama at all.

Sankeien adds to the attraction at the spring time. It is because about 300 cherry trees, such as Someiyoshino and Yamazakura, are planted inside the garden. The combination of a historical building and a cherry tree gives such impression which reaches the hearts of the Japanese. Although it is a limited time offer, “Kano no Yube” (to view the cherry tree at night) which enjoys the air of a nocturnal view of cherry blossoms is held. In darkness, the cherry tree lighted up brings on different fantastic atmospheres again in the daytime.


Name:Yokohama Sankeien Garden
Address:Honmokusannotani 58-1 Yokohama Naka-ku, Kanagawa 231-0824 Japan
Access:JR Negishi-sen Line “Negishi-eki Station” (1 minutes by bus)
Price:500 yen (Adult)
200 yen (Under 12 years old)
Official site:

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