Yoshimi-Hyakuana / Luminous Moss, Saitama

Cappadocia located in the mid-western part of Turkey is known as the underground city with many holes, but there are very similar remains in Japan. It is “Yoshimi-Hyakuana” (Hundred Holes of Yoshimi) of Yoshimi town, Saitama with a nickname of “Cappadocia of Saitama”. On the slope of the rocky mountain of the tufa, there are more than 200 holes 1 meter in diameter, 2-3 meters in depth.



Yoshimi-Hyakuana is a group of cave graves during the end of the Kofun period (around the mid seventh century) approximately 1,300 years ago, and seems to be interested in people as “a mysterious holes” from old days.



In the survey conducted in 1887, a large number of remains such as gemstones, vessels made of metal, earthenware vessels were excavated. It is designated as a National Historical Site in 1923, and the existence of 219 holes is confirmed now.



Another highlight of Yoshimi-Hyakuana is luminous moss. A luminous moss emits fantastic green light. They mostly inhabit in the mountainous district, and it seems to be extremely unusual to be seen on Kanto area. This has been designated a national natural treasure in 1928, too.




Name:Yoshimi-Hyakuana / Luminous Moss
Adresse:Kitayoshimi 324 Hikigun Yoshimimachi, Saitama 355-0155 Japan
Access:Tobu Tojo-sen Line “Higashi-Matsuyama-eki Station” (12 minutes by bus)
Price:300 yen (Adult)
200 yen (Under 12 years old)
Free (Under 6 years old)
Official site:http://www.town.yoshimi.saitama.jp/

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