Yoshinogari Iseki (Yoshinogari Ruins), Saga

Playing, learning, experience! The theme park which reconstruct entirely in the Yayoi period.
The national special historic site “Yoshinogari Iseki” was found in the Yoshinogari hill which located in Saga. There is a large-scale old Japanese village surrounded by a moat called “Kango-Shuraku” of the Yayoi period with approximately 100 reconstruction buildings in the garden.



It is a remain of the Yayoi period continued 700 years from the 5th century B.C. The moat settlement which surrounded the very large site of 40ha is designated the national historic site of the country.



In the park, like the 12-meter-high “Watchtower” of approximately 1,800 years ago and the largest building “Main Shrined” which performed a meeting and religious service are reconstructed with 98 buildings that based on excavation. And the lifestyle of ancient people in that period are reproduced.



When you see the scenery that a building reminding of Yamatai-Koku, you feel like to trip in time of Yayoi period.
You can observe in clothes of the Yayoi period.



Experience-based program like “Making Magatama (comma-shaped beads)” and “Making Fire” is held every day, too.
There are the very vast lawn open space that can play with a playground equipment and a big ball, the outdoor cooking section for a barbecue, you can enjoy a resort and a sightseeing.




Name:Yoshinogari Iseki (Yoshinogari Ruins)
Adresse:Tade 1843 Kanzakigun Yoshinogaricho, Saga 842-0035 Japan
Access:JR Nagasaki-honsen line "Yoshinogari-Koen-eki Station” (19 minutes walk)
Price:420 yen (Adult)
80 yen (Under 14 years old)
Free (Under 5 years old)
Official site:http://www.yoshinogari.jp/

日本, 〒842-0035 佐賀県神埼郡吉野ヶ里町田手1843

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