Yudomari Onsen (Hot Springs), Kagoshima

In Yaku Islands famous for the Jomon-sugi (Jomon Cedar Tree), in fact, many hot springs exist. Since especially a southern part has good public transport, it is proud of high popularity, such as being included in sightseeing tour. The shore hot spring in the Yudomari village, the Yudomari hot spring are one, too.
The Yudomari hot spring is located in the place where it got down to the seashore from Yudomari colony. It is in the place from which it got down to the seashore from the bus passage, and there are a colony and a big tree of a banyan on the way, and can walk while enjoying it.


The shore becomes into an inlet form for pillow lava, and the wave is not strong as expected. Since there is a box which pays the charge of bathing (small tokens of appreciation) to an entrance, let’s put in by all means. A teahouse and a toilet are in front of the hot spring. That recommendation of the local person is to bathe while seeing the star of the night sky. There are three mixed bathing open-air baths and footbaths.


Since there is no changing facilities, their clothes will be changed in a toilet or behind rock. However, the splendid scenery spreading in front, you can endure the some incommodiousness. You can enjoy the transparency of the sea only in Yakushima. Hot water of the hot spring is drawn from the close-by source. There is screen in the middle of the bathtub, and, seeing from an entrance, there is an unspoken rule which the right seems for a man and the left for a woman. Since it is a little high from a water’s edge, it is not influenced by ebb tide, and it can be used for 24 hours.


The bathtub of stone-finishing is shallow and water temperature is a little tepid. Since there is no stimulus to the skin of hot water, it is likely to be able to enter even how many hours. The scene of the impending seashore is wonderful.


The open-air bath which is in the sea side about 30 more meters is a common name “Saki no Yu.” Because “Saki no Yu” sinks into the sea at the time of a high tide, you should check it beforehand.



Name:Yudomari Onsen (Hot Springs)
Address:Yudomari 1714-28 Kumagegun Yakushimacho, Kagoshima 891-4407 Japan
Access:Yakushima Airport (45 minutes by car)
Price:100 yen
Official site:http://www.town.yakushima.kagoshima.jp/

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