Yufuin Hot Springs, Oita

Yufuin in Kyushu, famous as one of Japan’s leading hot springs, is a basin spreading at the foot of Mt. Yufu-dake, surrounded by majestic mountains. Because summer is easy to spend in the cool climate of the plateau, it is one of Kyushu’s best sightseeing spots called “Karuizawa of the East, Yufuin of the West”. In the city there are many spa inns where you can relax slowly while watching the beautiful scenery of the mountains. There are day hot spring facilities, art museums, shopping spots, and gourmet spots such as fashionable cafes and restaurants besides hot-spring hotels, which is a popular tourist destination where many tourists visit from home and abroad.


Mt. Yufu-dake to watch over the town in the northeastern part of Yufuin is an active volcano with an altitude of 1,584 meters. It is also known as “Bungo Fuji” because it has a conical shape, and it is a symbolic existence of Yufuin Hot Springs. From the west peak with the highest point, you can look over the Beppu Bay and the city of Yufuin, and this is a superb view spot where you can enjoy a view of 360 degrees.


Received the grace of Mt. Yufu-dake rising to majestic, the third largest hot spring discharge in the country. Popular hot spring spot “Yufuin Onsen” boasting nearly 900 sources. Cute grocery stores, cafés and souvenir shops are lining up in the hot spring town and you can enjoy walking around the city with hot springs. Some hot spring inns with about 10 hot springs have hot springs where hot water seems to be blue because of the spring quality including salt. Hot water with its fantastic scenery and beautiful skin effect expected is popular among women.


A little away from the center of Yufuin, the peaceful and quiet scenery is spreading. Although it is a famous tourist destination, since the city itself is small, you can soak in the atmosphere like a different space just by leaving the city. Mt. Yufu-dake, sometimes called “Bungo Fuji”, is a symbol of Yufuin because it can be viewed from anywhere in the Yufuin basin. Especially in the winter when the air is clear, Mt. Yufu-dake looks more beautiful.


The road leading from Yufuin station to Lake Kinrin is “Yunotsubo Road”. It is a famous spot in Yufuin which is good enough to say that you go through this street without fail if you come to sightseeing. There are lots of attractive shops, and it is main street of Yufuin station. Why don’t you go eating around or buy a souvenir or relax at peace.



Name:Yufuin Hot Springs
Address:Yufuinchokawakami 3738-1 Yufu, Oita 879-5102 Japan
Access:JR Kyudai-honsen Line “Yufuin-eki Station”
Tel:(+81) 977-85-4464 (Yufuin Hot Springs Tourism Association)
Price/Charge:The entrance fee for hot spring is from 100 yen to 800 yen.
Please refer the official web page.
Official site:http://www.yufuin.gr.jp/

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