Yume no Tsuribashi (Dream Suspension Bridge), Shizuoka

“Yume no Tsuribashi” (Dream Suspension Bridge) in Shizuoka prefecture is a rare bridge in the beautiful lake changing to turquoise blue and emerald green in Japan. It is a leisure spot that you need to cross a thin foothold and enjoy thrill at the same time.
Furthermore, it is said that if a woman wishes the fulfillment of love in the middle of a suspended bridge, it will be able to make her dreams come true. It is said that there is an effect that man and woman fall in love in a suspension bridge.


Yume no Tsuribashi is a suspension bridge over Ohma Dam Lake of Sumatakyo Canyon located in Kawane Honcho in Shizuoka Prefecture. It is a very popular suspension bridge, such as being chosen as “the 10th elections of the suspension bridge across which it goes on foot” in the world, and the 2nd place by “the best suspension bridge of Japan that readers decide” of Asahi Shimbun. The length of the bridge is 90 meters, the height is 8 meters, you can cross for free.


Yume no Tsuribashi was one of many suspended bridges over the Sumata River in the past. They were useful for local people as mountain work and transportation between the colonies. Now, it is a passage point of the hiking course and is being crowded with many hikers every year.


Ohma Dam Lake, which changes to a beautiful color such as emerald green, turquoise blue, cobalt blue, is also called “Tyndall Lake”. The color change is said to be due to the “Tyndall effect”.


The width of the suspension bridge scaffold is only about the shoulder width. Although it is 8 meters high, crossing a very narrow footing is a very thrilling experience. In addition, the number of suspension bridges is as small as 10 people, and signboards written as dangerous when 11 people get on are also standing.



Name:Yume no Tsuribashi (Dream Suspension Bridge)
Address:Senzu Haibaragun Kawanehoncho, Shizuoka 428-0411 Japan
Access:Oigawatetsudo Igawa-sen Line “Senzu-eki Station” (40 minutes by bus then 20 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 547-59-2746
Official site:http://www.okuooi.gr.jp/

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