Yuppo no Sato (Hot Spring Facility)

There is the circular building which draw the attention in the center of the Nasushiobara hot spring town. It is a facility made with a wooden framework backed by the mountains of the Shiobara Valley full of the natural beauty. It is footbath “Yuppo no Sato” largest in Japan in Shiobara Onsen. It is the footbath of the corridor type with length of 60 meters. In addition, there is “the spring water drinking” which is namely drinking of hot spring water, and the direction using the hot spring including hot water fog, an intermittent fountain, the hot water waterfall, too.


The corridor of 1.5 meters in width running hot spring water has six kinds of bathtubs. There are various effects by a change of stimulation and quantity of water and the temperature of the footbath. It is just divided into two zones in the middle of the corridor bathtub, and it becomes the considerable amount of exercise when you go around it.


The pain of the pebble stimulating a foot pot and the temperature of the hot spring are not constant. The eye does not show it where a hot spring gushes out of on the way, but, it is felt obviously that temperature changes.


There is “the spring water drinking” that you can drink this hot spring outside of “Yuppo no Sato”. It seems to be effective in digestion. It stimulates a foot pot while walking, in addition, you can experience the hot spring medical treatment, too.


The facilities source that gushes out from the inside a high temperature of 59.3 degrees Celsius, you can enjoy “footbathing” adjusted to various temperature. It is recommended to heal the fatigue of the foot.



Name:Yuppo no Sato (Hot Spring Facility)
Adresse:Sakitama 602-1 Nasushiobara, Tochigi 325-0033 Japan
Access:JR Tohoku-honsen Line “Nishinasuno-eki Station” (40 minutes by car)
Price:200 yen (Adult)
100 yen (Under 15 years old)
Free (Under 6 years old)
Official site:http://www.city.nasushiobara.lg.jp/

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