Yutoku Inari Jinja Shrine, Saga

Although it is said that there are more than 30,000 of Inari Jinja Shrines in Japan, Yutoku Inari Jinja Shrine is counted one of the Japanese three greatest Inari shrine with Fushimi Inari Jinja Shrine of Kyoto, and Kasama Inari Jinja Shrine of Ibaragi.
It is commonly known as “Yutoku-san” in the hometown, and more than 2,800,000 worshipers visit in a year.
It was founded in 1687. It moved the sacred spirits of a god from Inari Okami ensconced in Kazanin-tei in Kyoto Old Palace.


The vivid vermilion of the building, which looks beautiful in the green of trees, is impressive, and the main shrine, the worship hall, and a two-storied gate are totally lacquered. The main shrine stands against the mountain, and the two-storied gate and the kagura hall stand on the large precincts of a temple at the base of a mountain. It is also called “Chinzei-Nikko” (Nikko of Kyushu area) from its beauty.


In the approach to the Oku no in (inner sanctuary), the faded red torii which reminding of Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine of Kyoto stands in a row. The distance from the main shrine to the Oku no in is about 250 meters, and it takes about 20 to 30 minutes on foot. Although it may be felt short 250 meters, but most is an ascent way, it should be felt far than expected.


It believes in Yutoku Inari Jinja Shrine as guardian deities, such as a bumper crop, prosperity in business, safety of the family, big catch satisfaction, and traffic safety. The shinto ritual event as “Tamakae” of the spring festival is held in April 8, and “Ohitaki” of the autumn festival is held in December 8.


Moreover, Higashiyama-koen park of the outer garden is a famous place of an azalea. The beautiful flowers of 50,000 azaleas overflow in full bloom. In adjoining the Yutoku Museum, the treasure of Yutoku Inari Jinja Shrine, etc. are stored, and also a sword, a work of art, etc. are exhibited.



Name:Yutoku Inari Jinja Shrine
Address:Furueda Kashima, Saga 849-1321 Japan
Access:JR Nagasaki-honsen Line “Bizenkashima-eki” station (13 minutes by car)
Official site:https://www.yutokusan.jp/

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