Aso Kenko Kazan hot springs, Kumamoto

The “Aso Kenko Kazan hot springs” is located in “Aso Farm Land” and boasts a vast bathhouse with more than 3000 square meters each for men’s and women’s. You can experience over 20 kinds of various baths including mineral water, monthly hot water, steam sauna etc. as well as outdoor baths where you can see the majestic landscape of Aso. There is also a restaurant in the park, and you can enjoy it all day.

“Aso Kenko Kazan hot springs” is a sulfate hot spring containing three minerals “magnesium, sodium, calcium”. After bathing, the state that the body is somewhat warm continues long. It is said that hot water here has moisturizing effect of the skin and beautiful skin effect, and very pleasant effect can be expected for women.

By enjoying a variety of baths like rock bath, sleepwater, steam bath and so on, you can feel the energy rising from inside your body. The outdoor bath enters while watching the magnificent view of Aso, stress is also alleviated with overwhelming opening feeling. Those who stayed are of course available, but the hot spring here can be used on a day trip.

The area is 6,600 square meters with both a man’s bath and a women’s bath, boasting a vast area. Especially the outdoor bath is wide, and the distance between the bath and the bath is felt very long. You will surely get a feeling of openness that you have never experienced before.

While bathing, the mountains of Aso are beautiful and it is wonderful. The outdoor bath area is dotted with sauna of the dome type and rock bath, and it is pleasant to visit one by one. It can be really fun as it is a bath entertainment feeling.
“Aso Farm Land” has many other facilities, so you can enjoy it all day long.


Name:Aso Kenko Kazan hot springs
Address:Kawayo 5779 Asogun Minamiasomura, Kumamoto 869-1404 Japan
Access:JR Hohi-honsen Line “Akamizu-eki Station” (7 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 967-67-2100
Price/Charge:1,600 yen (Adult)
800 yen (Child)
Please refer the official web page.
Official site:

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