Genkyu-en Garden, Shiga

The Genkyu-en Garden is a daimyo garden under Hikone Castle in Shiga Prefecture. The original form is the garden which Naooki II who was the 4th lord of the Hikone Domain maintained in early stage of 1678 in the Edo era. It is said that the form near the present was arranged again as a retired person’s mansion of Naonaka Ii, who was the eleventh feudal lord, in 1813 in the late Edo period.

Originally the “Genkyu-en” was named for the “Rakuraku-en” of the palace portion, but it is not sure when this name came to be used from.
In addition, the Genkyu-en garden is specified as the scenic spot of the country as the “Genkyu Rakuraku-en” with the Rakuraku-en.

The Genkyu-en garden is chisen-kaiyushiki style garden (a type of Japanese garden with a pond in the centre) full of the changes with Nakajima of four big and small island, nine bridges around very large Gyoyakusho (pond). The Hikone Castle main tower becomes Shakkei (the making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden), and the scenery to face over Hakkeitei, which built in the ‘sukiyazukuri’ architectural style (an architectural style based on the style of a Japanese tea ceremony building), is beautiful.

A sight every season can be enjoyed against the background of the main tower of the national treasure. The scent of a flower wraps in the season of early summer when the flower of the lotus and Japanese iris, which appear on the pond, blooms inside the garden. Moreover, powdered green tea can be enjoyed in Hoshodai in Tsukiyama (an artificial hill). “The party to hear the sound of an insect” is held in November, and “Genkyu-en lighting of autumn” is held in September every year, and many people will visit.

Relaxing while drinking tea in Hakkeitei which can look around the garden, A time which settles down the heart can be enjoyed.


Name:Genkyu-en Garden
Address:Konkicho Hikone, Shiga 522-0061 Japan
Access:JR Tokaido-honsen Line “Hikone-eki” station (12 minutes walk)
Price:200 yen (Adult)
100 yen (Child)
Official site:

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