Gotoku-ji Temple, Tokyo

A lot of Maneki-Neko filled Gotoku-ji Temple. The origin of Maneki-Neko (the beckoning cat) has various opinions, but it will be this “Gotoku-ji” to be the most famous in that.


Hikonyan was modelled after the Maneki-Neko here at Gotoku Temple. Gotokuji in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo is the temple which is famous as a family temple of the Iis, including Hikone feudal lord, Naosuke Ii. Its foundation is known as the history and a venerable temple built for the age of Warring states period in 1480.


The white cat called “Tama” of the Gotokuji temple surprisingly beckoned Ii Naotaka, who was the second charges feudal lord of the Oomi Hikone feudal clan, when he passed in front of Gotokuji temple on the way home of the falconry in the early Edo period. When he drink tea with the chief priest in Gotokuji temple who felt interesting having been invited to “Tama”, the weather worsened suddenly, and became a furious thunderstorm.


Ii Naotaka was pleased and said “I did not get wet thanks to a cat, this is a sign of good luck”, and then Gotokuji temple became the Bodaiji (the family temple) of the Hikone Ii family from that time. It is said that after “Tama” died, the chief priest makes a grave, and “the beckoning cat” have been made in Gotokuji temple.


The grave of Naosuke Ii who is famous for the Mass Execution of Ansei is built in the precincts. The beckoning cat formed a line in a row. There seem to be manners and customs to come to return a beckoning cat if a wish comes true. It is said that there is benefit more when you return this shrine after your wish comes true. There seems to be really benefit to this beckoning cat this number in a half year.



Name:Gotoku Temple
Adresse:Gotokuji 2-24-7 Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0021 Japan
Access:Odakyu Odawara-sen Line “Gotokuji-eki Station” (8 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 3-3426-1437
Official site:

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