Hachinohe Sansha Taisai Festival, Aomori

Hachinohe Sansha Taisai Festival is the leading gay festival in the Tohoku district performed in Hachinohe-shi, Aomori from July 31 to August 4 every year. This festival that is proud of the history and tradition in about 290 is designated also as the significant intangible folk cultural asset. It was selected as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2016.


“Sansha” (three shrine) of “Hachinohe Sansha Taisai” are the three Shinto shrines of “Ogami-jinja Shrine”, “Shinran-jinja Shrine”, “Shinmei-gu Shrine” in Hachinohe-shi. The highlights of this festival are a mikoshi procession of these three shrines, and joint operation of no less than 27 floats dealing with a myth, a tradition, kabuki, etc.
The festival car in particular is gorgeous and will be certainly that you are overwhelmed to its size.


Continuous hits of a drum, the tone of a continued whistle, and an energyful of a shout of children heap up a festival further.
The festival car is lighted up at night, and it is more fantastic, and there are brightness, and it is worth seeing.


The number of spectator mobilization in the period of Hachinohe Sansha Taisai is more than one million people in five days.


In the festival car, a front part and central part develop horizontally, and there is the thing with the device such as the rear rising.
Moreover, in the eve of the festival (July 31) and the post of the festival (August 4), all the floats gather to the main street of the center of the city, and the civic square in front of a municipal office.
Since the state that all the mechanisms operated can be seen thoroughly, the expressiveness of the doll and the elaborate constitution of the scene can be enjoyed.



Name:Hachinohe Sansha Taisai Festival
Address:Uchimaru 1-1 Hachinohe, Aomori 031-0075 Japan
Access:JR Hachinohe-sen Line “Honhachinohe-eki Station” (5 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)178-46-4040 (Hachinohe-city Tourism Department)
Official site:https://hachinohe-kanko.com/

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