Hoshi no Buranko (The Swing of Star), Osaka

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The suspension bridge “Hoshi no Buranko” (The Swing of Star) is in the place, where the vast nature spreads, called “Hoshidaenchi” in Katano in Osaka.
The site of “Hoshidaenchi” is the extensiveness which is proud of 1,050,000 square meters. There is the hiking course that can enjoy seasonal beauty.
From this suspension bridge, the woods of Hoshidaenchi can be seen under their view, and an air walk can be enjoyed with the feeling that became the bird.


Katano is famous as “the Legend of Raining Stars” that the star came down when Kobo Daishi recite a charm, and the birthplace of Tanabata,. It is the town with much the name of a place and tradition which are related to a star.
This is also the reason the suspension bridge named “The Swing of Star”


It is the highlight in 280 meters in full length, and 50 meters of the highest ground quantities. The size is more than expected.
You must get excited to its force. As wooden suspension bridge for human use, it is largest domestically.


If it reaches further via the “Yamabiko square” from the “Swing of Star”, it will appear in the view deck. The view from here is an unparalleled view. There is feeling of satisfaction just to see scenery from this height.
From the observation deck, the Swing of Star looks small.


It takes about 3 to 4 hours by total including a descent from a mountain. Because there are other places that you should look at in various ways, please visit the person strong enough and having a lot of time.



Name:Hoshi no Buranko (The Swing of Star)
Address:Hoshida 5019−1 Katano, Osaka 576-0016 Japan
Access:Keihan Dentetsu Katano-sen Line “Kisaichi-eki Station” (40 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)72-891-0110 (Hoshidaenchi Management Office)
Official site:http://osaka-midori.jp/mori/hoshida/

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