Ishiwari Zakura (Rock Splitting Cherry Tree), Iwate

Ishiwari Zakura (Rock Splitting Cherry Tree) is a 360-year-old Edohiganzakura that grows by breaking huge rocks. This splendid big tree is blooming in the premises of Morioka District Court in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture. This tree was designated as a natural monument of the country in 1923. This cherry tree is famous not only because it is simply a long age. This cherry tree is stretching out the trunk vigorously from the crack of the large granite which is around 21 meters. From its appearance, it is called “Ishiwari Zakura”.

There are various opinions as to why cherry blossoms grew from the crack of rock. Some say, “As the cherry blossoms growing on rocks grow, they broke the rocks.” Another person says, “Cherry blossoms grew in the gaps between rocks that were originally broken.”

Recently, from the record of old books, the theory that the thunder which fell on the night of heavy storms broke the stone, and the cherry trees grew in that gap has been widely accepted. it is said that as the cherry tree grows, the rock has completely broken.

Although it is 360 years old, this cherry tree is still growing. According to a record, it is written that rock cracks have spread 5 centimeters in the last two years. Is it growing up by strong power, so that such a big rock is extended.

This Ishiwari Zakura is a cherry tree of boast very much for the peaple of Iwate. And this cherry tree is said to be a cherry blossoms to announce the arrival of spring from the earliest flower blooming in the surrounding area. How about visiting the forcibleness of spring of northern countries to touch?


Name:Ishiwari Zakura (Rock Splitting Cherry Tree)
Address:Uchimaru 9-1 Morioka, Iwate 020-0023 Japan
Access:Tohoku Shinkansen Line “Morioka-eki Station” (18 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 19-604-3305 (Morioka Tourism Convention Bureau)
Official site:

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