Izusan Jinja Shrine, Shizuoka

The Izusan Jinja Shrine is the shrine in the middle of Mt. Izusan in Atami. It is also known as MINAMOTO no Yoritomo, praying for the restoration of Genji and meeting his wife Masako HOJO. It is a famous place as the shrine with interests of marriage from the story of MINAMOTO no Yoritomo and Masako HOJO. In order to visit the main shrine, you have to go up the stairs of 837 steps, but you can see Sagami Bay from the precincts.


Since the wish of MINAMOTO no Yoritomo to defeat the Taira family accomplished, it has been also called Genji’s guardian deity. Also, after that, this shrine has been worshiped by the warlords. The shoguns during the Kamakura period and the Gohojo clan, Ieyasu TOKUGAWA also visited this shrine. Currently, in addition to match-making, it is gathering faith as the shrine with many interests such as a cure of the illness, a thriving business.


The Izusan Jinja Shrine’s enshrined deities are Ameno Oshihomimi, Takuhata Chijihime, and Ninigi no Mikoto. “Sekibyaku Niryu” (Red Dragon, White Dragon) is said to be the incarnation of Ameno Oshihomimi.


“Sekibyaku Niryu” of the conspicuous “Chozusha” (building for cleaning hands and rinsing mouth) is the symbol of Izusan Jinja Shrine, the red dragon is the power of fire, the white dragon is the guardian of a hot spring manipulating the power of water. It was considered a god of producing harmony between married couples or the symbol of marriage.


The main shrine is the small hall of worshipers which is further up the mountain path from Hakusan Jinja. In the early Edo period, there were buildings such as Gumonji-do and three torii besides the hall of worship. However, it was burned down in the late Edo period due to a fire. Currently there are only one torii of the stone other than this hall of worshipers.



Name:Izusan Jinja Shrine
Address:Izusan 708-1 Atami, Shizuoka 413-0002 Japan
Access:JR Tokaido-sen Line “Atami-eki Station” (7 minutes by bus)
Tel:(+81) 557-80-3164
Official site:http://izusanjinjya.jp/

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