Kaiyukan (Kaiyukan Aquarium), Osaka

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“Kaiyukan Aquarium” which has the world’s largest aquarium in Osaka harbor is one of Osaka’s leading tourist destinations. In the aquarium complete with air conditioning, you can spend comfortable every season. In the huge water tank which reproduced the vast Pacific Ocean, “The Seas of the Pacific Ocean”, the whale shark swims swiftly, entertaining many people from adults to children. It is a huge aquarium “Kaiyukan” that you can spend happily whenever you visit with anyone.
The huge aquarium is designed to allow you to observe living creatures from various depths. Therefore, you can observe living things from various angles. It is devised so that you can observe the figure of a living thing close to the natural environment. The kinds of creatures on display at Kaiyukan are quite varied. Many living things entertain the visitors, from whale sharks showing dynamic swimming to adorable tropical fish.
Approximately 30,000 of sea creatures of 620 species provide an impression and the entertainment of the real life, and teach you the wonderfulness, preciousness, and marvel of life.



Let’s hit the road to dynamic sea around the Pacific Ocean where everyone, from child to adult, can enjoy.



When you enter the Kaiyukan, you go through the tunnel called the “Aqua Gate” as if you feel being in the sea. The scene spreading overhead is so much fun. It is one of the aquarium which you can see powerful presentations of the whale shark. The figure fishes swimming elegantly is fantastic, and it can heal your mind.


Sea-otters and penguins, seals, and many other sea creatures are waiting for you.
The event is held there every season, so everytime you can enjoy without getting tired even if you visit here many times.



In Kaiyukan, feeding show is prepared for every spot 1 to 3 times per day. It may be slightly difficult to see all the feeding shows of various water tanks, so probably, it is good to check the time of show in advance and to decide the turn to observe. Especially feeding show of pretty animals, such as an otter, a sea otter, a penguin, a dolphin, and a sea lion seal, is popular.
You will be cured by the figure in which the favorite animal having a meal.
There are many wonderful attractions in Kaiyukan besides the highlighted points. Please visit the world’s largest aquarium “Kaiyukan” and experience the wonder of the creatures living in the sea.


Name:Kaiyu-kan (Kaiyu-kan Aquarium)
Adresse:Kaigandori 1-1-10 Osaka Minato-ku, Osaka 552-0022 Japan
Access:Osaka City Subway Chuou-sen line "Osakako-eki Station” (5 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 6-6576-5501
Price:2,300 yen (over aged 16)
1,200 yen (Aged 7 - 16)
600 yen (Aged 4 - 6)
Free (Children under aged 3)
Please refer the official web page.
Official site:http://www.kaiyukan.com/

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