Kintaikyo Bridge

The Kintaikyo Bridge (the brocade belt bridge) is one of the three great bridges in Jiangnan. It is said that “the mountain is Fuji, the waterfall is Nachi, and the bridge is Kintai”, it was designated as National Scenic Beauty in 1922. It is wooden bridges depicting five arches of length 193.3m, width 5m, height of 6.6m. if you visit here, please land on the riverbank and see the back side of the bridge from there. You can see “the technique of wooden frame construction” that using metal of winding and iron clamp without the nails.

Iwakuni feudal lord “Kikkawa Hiroyoshi” made first Kintai-kyo Bridge in 1673. It has been lost in running water by a flood in the next year, but it was rebuilt promptly, and it has existed for 276 years until it has been lost by the typhoon of 1950.


The structure of the arched bridge is precise and original, judging from modern bridge engineering, it is said that it is perfect.


A rebuilding campaign by many citizens grows, it was rebuilt in 1953 spending two years after the disaster. Afterwards, the entirely newly renovation of the bridge started from 2001 through 2004, the current bridge is the fourth generation. It create wonderful scenery against clear stream of the Nishiki River and green of Shiroyama.


According to the name of “the brocade”, you can enjoy the scenery which is full of the colors of the four seasons as for the cherry trees in spring, cormorant fishing and the night view of fireworks in summer, leaves turn red in autumn and the winter with snow covering.



Name:Kintaikyo Bridge
Adresse:Iwakuni Iwakuni, Yamaguchi 741-0062 Japan
Access:JR Iwatoku-sen Line “Kawanishi-eki Station” (20 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)827-29-5116 (Tourism Promotion Division Kintaikyo World Heritage Promotion Office)
Official site:

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