Kofukuji Temple, Nara

Kofukuji Temple is one of the temples in Nara Park, which is the Buddhist sect, Hosso-shu sect that prospered during the Nara period. It is the temple representing Nara together with Todaiji Temple, holding numerous temple’s treasure, including the Ashura statue designated as a National Treasure. It was founded as the family temple of the Fujiwara clan, and boasted a tremendous power as a great temple integrated with Kasugataisha Shrine until the Meiji era. Currently it is registered as a World Heritage Site as part of the cultural heritage of ancient Nara.


The five-storied pagoda is famous as a building symbolizing Nara. It was erected in 730 by the wishes of Empress Komyo (empress Emperor Shomu).
The current tower was rebuilt around 1426, the height is 50.1 meters, and in the five-storied pagoda of wooden it is the height next to the five-storied pagoda of Toji Temple. On the first floor of the pagoda, the statues of Shakyamuni Triad, the statue of Amida Triad, the statue of Maitreya Triad, three statues that comprise the Yakushi Triad are enshrined. Currently it is designated as a national treasure, and the inside can be visited only at special occasions.


The statue of Ashura with three faces and six hands is the most well-known Buddha statue in Kofukuji. In addition to this, there are many excellent items designated as National Treas such as the wooden standing statues of Kongo Rikishi. Those who are interested in Buddhist art are a must-see.


Hokuen-do Hall was reconstructed by Prince Nagaya at the order of two empresses, retired Empress Genmei and Empress Gensho, in 721, the first anniversary of the death of Fujiwara no Fuhito. At the time of construction, this place was a prime location over which Heijokyo could look down. The current building was rebuilt around 1210. Although it was built in the Kamakura period, it often retains the characteristics of the buildings of the Nara period.


Nara Park has beauty every season, among which the cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves are exceptional. A lot of tourists come for it. In particular, the combination of historical halls and cherry blossoms and autumn leaves is worth a visit.



Name:Kofukuji Temple
Address:Noboriojicho 48 Nara, Nara 630-8213 Japan
Access:Kintetsu Nara-sen Line “Kintetsu-Nara-eki Station” (8 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 742-22-7755
Price:Tokon-do Hall
300 yen (Adult)
200 yen (High School Students or Under)
100 yen (Elementary School Students)
Official site:http://www.kohfukuji.com/

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