Kouri Ohashi Bridge, Okinawa

Kouri Ohashi Bridge extending straight above the beautiful emerald green ocean in Okinawa. It is a 1960-meter long bridge connecting Kourijima Island of Nakijinson Village in the northwest part of Okinawa Prefecture and Yagajishima Island of Nago City. The toll fee for the bridge is free. In the vicinity of the bridge on the side of Kourijima Island, there are restaurants and open area for meetings, etc., which are the spots where tourists gather. The view of Kouri Ohashi Bridge from there is outstanding.


As a free maritime bridge connecting remote islands, the largest bridge in Japan is the Irabu Ohashi Bridge (total length 3540 m) in Okinawa. Other, Kouri Ohashi Bridge (total length 1900 m), Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge (1780 m) in Yamaguchi prefecture and so on.


Although it could not but cross by ferry before, but due to the opening of this Kouri Ohashi Bridge many tourists began to visit Kourijima Island. In Kourijima Island, it turns out that the earthenware of the century 2nd B.C. was excavating and people lived there for many years. Also, here is the place where the Okinawa version of the “Legend of Adam and Eve” remains, romance overflowing.


Kourijima Island is a small island so you can quickly reach the “Tine Beach” on the other side of the bridge. This spot is also recommended. There are two Heart-shaped rocks “Heart Rock” lined up here.


As a viewpoint of Kouri Ohashi Bridge, there is Kouri Ohashi Minamizume observation deck on Yagajishima Island side. In addition there is a “Chura Terrace” where garden restaurants and other items are available.
On the Kourijima Island side, there are two major observation places “Kouri beach”, which is the main beach just across the island, and “Kouri Ocean Tower”, which an automatic driving cart run from the parking lot to the observation deck.



Name:Kouri Ohashi Bridge
Address:Kori Kunigamigun Nakijinson, Okinawa 905-0406 Japan
Access:Approximately, it takes two hours from Naha Airport by car.
Tel:(+81) 980-56-1057 (Nakijin Tourism Association)
Official site:http://www.nakijinson.jp/

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