Kurokawa Onsen Hot Spring, Kumamoto

Kurokawa is located in the northern part in Kumamoto Prefecture, and the east side is the border with Oita Prefecture. It is a small hot-springs resort of in the mountains which can go in about 2.5 hours from Kumamoto city by car, and 2 hours from Fukuoka city. The hot spring resort which is full of tastefully air being covered with trees, such as a bamboo, a Japanese oak is formed in along the clear stream of Tanoharugawa river, and it is dotted with about 30 hot spring hotels.


Many hotels are pumping up the hot spring from a few hundred meters of underground using power.
The temperature of the hot springs is about 50 ℃ to 80 ℃. There are many hot springs of a higher temperature and hot water quantity is also abundant.
Moreover, there are two public bathhouses in the hot spring resort.


Mainly, the hot-spring quality of the Kurokawa is three kinds, simple hot spring, a sulfuric acid salt spring and a simple sulfur spring. The main ingredient is various and also different in ph value respectively by each hotel’s hot-spring quality. It is also one of the reasons that many of each hotels have the private fountainhead not sharing the one of it between two or more hotels.


Let’s use a Onsen-Hopping Pass, in order to enjoy the Kurokawa hot spring fully. For 1,300 yen per one pass, you can bathe three places of an outdoor hotspring bath in the Kurokawa hot spring where about 30 houses are here. When everything can’t be used at a time, there is an expiration date for 6 months, so it’s possible to visit and use once again.


“Yu-Akari” (the light of hot water) of Kurokawa Onsen is an illuminations event in winter. It carries out from the end of December to around the end of March every year. Lighting time is from sunset to 22:00.
The appearance with which illuminations begin to shine brightly as it becomes dark is just an unparalleled view. A bamboo pipe and a bamboo work are lit up by light, and “Yu – Akari” is more beautiful and brilliant. While it’s cold, it’s winter charming sights in the Kurokawa hot spring which is to the extent many people come to the sightseeing.



Name:Kurokawa Onsen Hot Spring
Address:Asogun Minamiogunimachi, Kumamoto 869-2402 Japan
Access:JR Hohi-honsen Line “Miyaji-eki Station” (40 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 967-44-0076 (Kurokawaonsen Tourism Cooperative Association)
Price:1,300 yen (Onsen-Hopping Pass)
*”Onsen-Hopping Pass” let you try 3 different outdoor baths.
Official site:http://www.kurokawaonsen.or.jp/

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