Lake Mashu, Hokkaido

Lake Mashu is the lake in Teshikaga-cho, Hokkaido which is proud of eminent transparency in the world. It is the leading tourist resort chosen as the Hokkaido inheritance. It features unique blue called “Mashu Blue” and can look at the lake of the deep blue from Lake Mashu observation deck.
It is the caldera lake surrounded by the about 300-400 meters cliff in the circumference. It is located in the Akan National Park with the Akan lake and the Kussharo lake. A caldera is a depressed ground made by a volcano, and many of the lake which water collected there has deep depth of water. Lake Mashu is no exception, and it is said that the maximum depth of the water is approximately 212 meters.

Since this Lake Mashu does not have a river adjacent to it, it has almost no inflow of the organic matter from the outside. Moreover, through one year, since water temperature is low, it is in environment also without breeding of a microbe etc.
The “No.1 beautiful blue surface and highly transparent lake of Japan” was born because such conditions overlapped.
By the way, the lake having world’s highest transparency is Russian Lake Baikal now, but Lake Mashu had become the world’s No.1 temporarily.

The small island near a center is the Kamuish island (center island). This island is the lava dome of the height which exceeds 210 meters from the bottom of the lake, and it is said that the summit portion has come out to the surface of the lake.

This is around Lake Mashu where is in condition to have frozen to a twig of trees by a hoarfrost phenomenon. This is a beautiful figure caught only at severe winter time.
The surface of a lake of this time becomes colored sapphire blue as divine beauty, and the complete view serves as a figure suitable for calling it an unparalleled view.

The “sun pillar” is a natural phenomenon to be rarely seen in Hokkaido. In the air, the pillar of light appears suddenly. The divine light looks just like the way to which an angel or a fairy gets down from heavens.


Name:Lake Mashu
Address:Mashu Kawakamigun Teshikagacho, Hokkaido 088-3201 Japan
Access:JR Senmo-honsen Line “Mashu-eki Station” (20 minutes by bus)
Official site:

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