Lamune Onsen-kan (Ramune Soda Hot Spring), Oita

The Nagayu hot spring is in Naoirimachi located in the east foot of the Kuzumi mountain range, Oita prefecture. It is a simple hot-springs resort where a ryokan with a hot spring etc. are located in a line with along Serikawa river. However, the history is long and becomes one of Japan’s three biggest excellent hot springs and going back even to the ancient times of “the regional chronicle” about the middle of the 8th century. The Lamune Onsen-kan is the facilities only for day’s trip bathing opened in 2005, and is popular with tourists as the place that can enjoy one of the world’s best carbonated springs.

It is Terunobu Fujimori of the architect to have designed building sort of fairy-tale atmosphere. It is said that it may surprise in “Oh, this was a hot spring!” among the persons who visited in order to see Mr. Fujimori’s building. The plaster and burnt cedar, the symbolic building of the monochrome stripe pattern are amiable somehow.

There are the outdoor bath of the highly-concentrated carbonated spring of source temperature 32 degrees Celsius and the inside bath of the hydrogen carbonate spring of source temperature 42 degrees Celsius and a sauna to both men’s bath and ladies’ baths. The outdoor bath is considerably lukewarm hot water, but a body seems to become warm after bathing for a while because the highly-concentrated carbonated spring expands the blood vessel of the whole body, and bloodstream smoothens.

In addition, there is the spring water drinking place in the facilities, too, and there seems to be an effect for stomach and intestines disease, a liver disease, constipation, gout, ureteral stone, cystitis, diabetes, chronicity gastroenteritis in particular. If it is smelled, there will be the smell faintly like iron. It somewhat looks very good to a body.

Since a carbonic acid has the character which will be evaporated if heat is applied, when temperature goes up, carbonic acid content falls. Since the temperature of hot water is as low as 32 degrees outside of the Lamune Onsen, carbonic acid content is top class in the Nagayu hot springs about 1,380 ppm. It is just the leading carbonate spring in the world blessed with good conditions.


Name:Lamune Onsen-kan (Ramune Soda Hot Spring)
Address:Naoirimachinagayu 7676-2 Taketa, Oita 878-0402 Japan
Access:JR Nippo-honsen Line “Oita-eki” station (60 minutes by car)
Price:500 yen (Adult)
200 yen (Under 12 years old)
Free (Under 3 years old)
Official site:

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