Motonosumi-Inari shrine, Yamaguchi

The mysterious landscape that the cobalt blue sea spreading in front of it and the vermillion torii lining rows together creates a secret topic. It is a hidden scenic spot of Japan, which many people do not know yet. Motonosumi-Inari shrine is a shrine that has received great attention from tourists outside Japan in recent years. In the survey of the American television station “CNN” it was chosen as one of “Japan ‘s 31 most beautiful places”, and gathered a hot gaze from all over the world. Among the 31 selections, world famous Japanese sights such as Itsukushima-jinja Shrine, Gassho-Zukuri of Shirakawa-Go, Kinkakuji Temple and Himeji-jo Castle, which are also World Heritage Site, are gaining names. In Japan, the Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto is famous, but the beauty of this Motonosumi-Inari shrine is also certainly worth seeing.
The Motonosumi-Inari shrine is located in Nagato-shi, Yamaguchi. It is the Inari-jinja shrine of the extreme northwest of Japan, and was derived from Taikoya-inari-jinja shrine in 1955.
A pure white fox appears by the pillow of local fisherman, Hitoshi Okamoto and is informed “Whose grace is it that you could good catch of fish so far? Enshrines me.”, then it was built in this place.


123 red toriis(an archway to a Shinto shrine) are impressive. When look at the torii built at the mountain behind way exit, you notice offertory box overhead! It is said that a wish comes true if you culd insert a money to the offertory.


It is installed in a high position of approximately 5 meters from the ground and is more small-sized than an offertory box to usually look at in a Shinto shrine. It is difficult to put Osaisen(*) in it because you must throw it.
The installed position does not have a particular meaning, it is said that the reason of it is “some interesting thing!” by the Shinto priest with his impish.


More than 30,000 Inari shrines are in the whole country, but the shrine using a caracter “成” in its name is only Taikoya-inari shrine and this Motonosumi-Inari shrine. This character of “成” means “accomplishment”, and there is a meaning that various wishes come true.


This place was chosen as “Japan’s 31 most beautiful places” of CNN.



Name:Motonosumi-Inari shrine
Adresse:Yuyatsuo 498 Nagato, Yamaguchi 759-4712 Japan
Access:JR Sanin-honsen Line “Nagatofuruichi-eki Station” (20 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 837-22-8404 (Nagato Tourism Convention Association)
Official site:Nagato Tourism Convention Association

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