Nagoya Castle, Aichi

Speaking of the sightseeing spot representing Nagoya, Nagoya Castle will be mentioned it as the first on the list. It is this Nagoya Castle that Ieyasu Tokugawa built in 1609 as the last strategic arrangement of the world unification, since then, it had the history that the feudal lord of the Owari Tokugawa family, which was counted by one of the Tokugawa big three, usually resided.

By the Nagoya air raid which broke out in 1945, most buildings of this castle also turned into ashes. It becomes only six including the southwest corner tower or the southeast corner tower that it is existing, without changing from the time of the Owari feudal clan.
However, the castle tower of Nagoya Castle which has watched the area of the Owari for a long time revived in 1959. The main castle-tower of five layers which being crowned the Golden Shachihoko (golden dolphins surmounting the roof of a castle-tower) and the small castle-tower were rebuilt, and the dignity, which would remind us of those days, was regained.

Shortly after entering into a main enclosure palace, it is wrapped in the good scent of a cypress. The folding screen and sliding door of gold leaf attract attention first. It is very gorgeous, and this is the atmosphere called “a palace of Nagoya”.
Moreover, from the castle tower observation room of the top layer you can overlook a vast plain and mountains etc.

“The Full-scale Golden Shachihoko” is displayed on the fifth floor of the castle tower. Here, against the background of a blue sky, commemoration photography can be taken climbing on the big Shachihoko which has no less than 2.6 meters in height.

Restoration construction of Honmaru Goten (the palace of the keep of a castle) is advanced now, and public presentation of “Omote Shoin (a main drawing room) and Entrance” started in 2013. All the restoration construction is due to be completed in 2018.


Name:Nagoya Castle
Address:Honmaru Nagoya Naka-ku 1-1, Aichi 460-0031 Japan
Access:Nagoya City Subway Meijo-sen Line “Shiyakusho-mae-eki” station (5 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)52-231-1700 (Nagoya-jo Castle General Office)
Price:500 yen (Adult)
Free (Children in junior high school and younger)
Official site:

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