Naruto no Uzushio (Naruto whirlpools), Tokushima

Below the Oonaruto-kyo (Oonaruto bridge) which links Shikoku to Awaji-shima island, the magnificent Naruto Channel which is one of the three major tides of the world, the flow of the intense tide surge like a waterfall is there. It becomes 10.6 knots (approximately 20km/h) at fastest time of the flood tide, and is said to be the third speed in the world.


It is Uzushio (whirling) that tide to flow from the Pacific and the Setonaikai sea just clash at this Naruto Channel. This whirling with raising a growl is menace of nature, enormousness of its energy is indicated.

Under the influence of the topography of a shoreline and the bottom of the sea, the size of diameter of whirling in the maximum becomes approximately 30m. It is said to be the largest size in the world.


You can enjoy the whirling from the land, but a cruise ship is highly recommended because you can see whirling close.


It is said that Naruuto no Uzushio is counted one of the three major tides along with Italian “Messina Strait” and “the Seymour straits” of Canada of the world.
“Uzu no Michi” (the road of whirling) is about 450-m promenade and observatory which were installed in the Oonaruto-kyo bridge built over the Naruto strait, and is a spot which can look at Naruto whirlpools from right above.
You can see intense tidal current raising a roaring sound if you look in the glass floor of the observation room from an altitude of 45 meters.


Name:Naruto no Uzushio
Adresse:Narutochotosadomariura Fukuike 65 Naruto, Tokushima 772-0053 Japan
Access:JR Naruto-sen line "Naruto-eki Station” (approx. 20 minute by bus)
Tel:(+81)88-652-8777 (Tokushima Tourism Association)
Price:1,550 - 2,400 yen
(Varies according to an operating company, the grade of the ship)
Official site:

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