National Museum of Nature and Science,Tokyo

National Museum of Nature and Science, which was established in 1877, is the only comprehensive science museum in Japan. It is the spot which is equipped with the precious collection of about 3,700,000 items, and you can be familiar with nature and technology. It is divided into “the Hall of Japan” and “the Hall of Earth”, and the process of history of nature and a living thing is introduced in detail, respectively. The events such as an experiment of physics and chemistry, the natural observation schools are also held a lot, too. You are able to come across a new wonder and question as well as “the experience of knowing and learning”.

The theme of “the Hall of Japan” is “Japanese Islands and natural “, and the hall has the floor from first basement level to third floor.
The north side of the third floor is a corner which can study the history of the dynamic change before the Japanese Islands having been made. There are the exhibitions of the fossil of various creatures and the rock discovered in Japan. At first the fossil of plesiosaurs “Futabasuzukiryu” really jumps out at us.

The first floor is the section that can know the history of the technique to observe nature. Past documents, tool, device of the natural observation are displayed. There are many things which are important cultural properties in the showpiece. This is one of the important cultural properties “astronomical telescope made by Trougton & Simms.

“The life which runs in the ground” on the third floor of “the Hall of Earth” is the exhibition corner which many stuffed animals and birds concentrated in the hall. The richness of earth environment can be felt. From the small animals to the big animals are exhibited. It seems like it’s gonna move.

The corner featuring the fossil of the huge dinosaur is on the first basement floor. The fossils, such as Triceratops, Deinonychus, Herrerasaurus, and Tyrannosaurus rex, are impressive. The fossil of the tyrannosaurus, which recent studies have shown that they had feathers on their body, is also exhibited.


Name:National Museum of Nature and Science
Address:Uenokoen 7-20 Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0007 Japan
Access:JR Yamanote-sen Line Ueno-eki Station (5 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 3-5777-8600
Price:Permanent exhibitions
620 yen (Adult)
Free (High School Students or Under)
Official site:

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