Nebuta Matsuri Festival, Aomori

“Aomori Nebuta Festival” will be held from August 2 to 7 every year in Aomori Prefecture in the Tohoku region. Together with “Akita Kanto Festival” and “Sendai Tanabata Festival“, it is called “one of the three major festivals in the Tohoku region” and it is one of Japan’s most important festivals where more than 3 million tourists from all over the country rush. Because of the tradition and importance of the festival, it has been designated a significant intangible folk cultural asset of the country. “Aomori Nebuta Festival” is popular not only for watching but also for festivals where you can participate.
The characteristic of this festival is the huge “Nebuta” with a light in. Furthermore, the attractiveness of the participants called “Haneto” is also one of the attractions. Nebuta is held not only in Aomori City but also in Tohoku region. Its origin is derived from SAKANOUE no Tamuramaro who was the Generalissimo for the Subjugation of Barbarians of the Heian period. It is said that “In order to punish Emishi (northern/northeastern barbarians) that had dominated the Tohoku district, he burned the battlefield with lanterns and made a whistle and drum up.” There is also a theory that it is Nebuta that the Tanabata event and the Bon festive fire and sending fire changed together.


During the period of the festival, the Dashi (festival car) of the gorgeous doll warrior called  “Nebuta” that modelled a picture of samurai parade through the city with a vigorous shouts “Lasselar!, Lasselar!”.
On the course of 3.1 kilometers in length in front of Aomori station, Nebuta gathers one after another by the start time, and all Nebuta starts to drive the roadway all at once. The dynamic struggle pictures such as Busho (Japanese Military Commanders), Oni (ogre), Dragon, etc. painted on Nebuta, and its maximum size is about 5 meters in height and 9 meters in width. Especially because it is lighting up at night, it is very beautiful. The sound of the drum echoes from the ground to the stomach and can be enjoyed not only by the eyes but also the whole body.


The “Nebuta” is the festival car with the large “Haribote” (lantern-skin doll). Its production cost is approximately 20 million yen, and It takes three months to build the Nebuta.


20 or more of large-scale Nebuta depart and are moved approximately 3.1km, with the musical accompaniment of flutes and drums, the energy of “Haneto”(leaper) who wore colorful clothes jump up and down, and the festival came to a climax.


In addition, the fireworks display to be held on the night of August 7 which is the last day of festival and the marine service of Nebuta is one of summer feature in Aomori that the representative of Tohoku.



Name:Nebuta Festival
Adresse:Honcho 1 Aomori, Aomori 030-0802 Japan
Access:JR Ouu-honsen Line “Aomori-eki Station” (10 to 20 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 17-723-7211 (Aomori Nebuta Executive Committee Office)
*There are some paid seats.
Official site:

For parade course, please refer the official web page.

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