Nigiri-Sushi lesson, Tokyo

There is the sushi chef training school called “Tokyo sushi academy” which people who want to be a sushi chef study seriously every day there.
This “Tokyo sushi academy” carries out what’s called “Nigiri-Sushi lesson” for who want feel free to experience a sushi lesson.

In this lesson, you learn how to make real Tokyo-style sushi in 90 minutes. Furthermore, you can eat all sushi which you made by oneself on the spot. You can have another serving again and again in time.
The fresh fish of the Tsukiji direct shipment is prepared, and teachers instruct politely, and even the first person seems to come to be able to do it immediately.


Sushi academy

In the Nigiri-Sushi trial lesson, just getting one-to-one guidance was enough to make it an extremely fulfilling practise session.


Sushi academy

After a lesson, you can make as much as you like, and eat as much as you like, too. You can choose the sushi items only you want to eat.

Sushi academy

More than 10 kinds are prepared for an ingredient for sushi, and you can roast them if you want, so you can eat the considerable amount of them, if you tries hard.



Name:Nigiri-Sushi lesson
Adresse:Tsukiji 4-7-5 Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045 Japan
Access:Tokyo Metro Yurakucho-sen line "Shintomichou eki Station” (4 minutes walk)
Price:Adult : 4,320 yen
Under 15 : 3,240 yen
Under 12 : 2,160 yen
Official site:

日本, 〒104-0045 東京都 中央区 築地 4-7-5

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